Customized care is very important to our dental practice . This and also knowledge and skills according to the latest developments in dentistry. We use the latest techniques and materials. We also work according to the highest European standards of hygiene. All our dentists Drs. N. Tavakoli , Drs. M. Zahedi, Drs. And Dr. H. Kelleci. S. Hoshear Abdelquer are BIG – registers, and ensure optimal dental healthcare.


This highly experienced team of dentists leads the treatment team. They are assisted by a very enthusiastic team of assistants , dental hygienists and assistants prevention. Our prevention team focuses on preventative treatments to prevent gum problems. Patients with gum disease (periodontal defects) will be extensively treated by our certified dental hygienist.

Tandartsen (Dentists) Mariastraat is a child-friendly dental practice. For orthodontic treatment, you may also contact us. Under the leadership of our bracket dentist Drs. C. Garau Gee and her team we use the most modern treatment techniques used for different types of braces for both children and adults.

This wide range of knowledge and experience makes us a very complete dental center for the Old West (Oude Westen) for young and old.

The practice has been successful in our eyes when you, as a client, trust us and leave our practice satisfied.

You are welcome as a patient and visitor behalf of the entire team of Tandartsen (Dentists) Mariastraat.