If your teeth are not standing straight, it may be that your dentist refers to a bracket. What will happen at the ortho? During the first interview with our bracket dentist, we will first look carefully at your teeth and everything that has to do with your teeth. Then we make an appointment for the first study. We will take pictures and we make an impression of your teeth.

After the studies, we propose a treatment plan and you will come back to discuss the reatment plan and the costs. How do we get all the teeth neatly in a row? We see which bracket you should wear, when and for how long. There are many different brackets. All the questions you have about braces, you can ask us. We make sure that there is enough time for that.


orthocapsThen the orthodontic treatment with braces will begin. Every month you come back to check. Sometimes we have to put the bracket tighter. Over time your teeth are straight and your jaw will be neatly aligned. It may take two or three years. When everything stands how it sould be, you have to wear a brace at night for a while. Otherwise your teeth would again be able to slide and return to their old spot. If all goes well we’ll not see you for a few years. You have straight teeth that you can talk and eat with. And treatment with a brace has ensured that your teeth now looks beautiful! Because that is also important.