The bill

The dentist bill is made up of the various performances that have taken place during a treatment. Each performance is described by a code . Each code is attached to an amount that can not vary.

Questions about your bill?

In our practice we are more concerned with you, then by our administration. Therefore the billing is done by Fa-med.

For questions about your note, please refer to the FAQ of Fa-med. If you don’t find your question there, you can contact them using the information below.

Terms and conditions of payment

The payment process of Fa-med:

Contact Fa -med

On weekdays from 8:00 to 18:00 hours.
Phone general questions: 0900 – 0885 (€0.15 per minute).
Phone duplicate note requests: 0900 – 0882 (€1.30 per call)


You can insure yourself by multiple Insurance company’s for dental care . Please refer to information on insurance and the differences in coverage at Specific agreements apply to certain insurers.

Appointments insurers

If you are insured with one of the following health insurance companies may possibly different rates apply:

  1. DSW

Your insurer can give you more information about this and of course you can also contact us for questions.